Awo Creates

I create film and television. Primarily as a creative producer, director, and creative consultant. But sometimes also as a cinematographer, editor, or any mix of the above.

tourada sao sebastiao Attic Fragments 2

I create installation art. Primarily as a lead artist: designing experiences and atmosphere in interactive architectural installations, including construction. But sometimes also dealing with project management, logistics, safety, or any mix of the above.


I create education. Primarily as a lecturer, teacher or workshop host. But sometimes also in designing and producing education and curriculum, both on- and offline.


Arlo Nowhere 2013

For those who are interested: what’s an “Awo”?

Awo is NOT an acronym. It’s my nickname. When my brother was little, as most children, he had a hard time pronouncing the letter “r”. So, he called me “Awo”. Soon, everybody in my family called me Awo. My former girlfriend called me “Awo” (or “Abel”, which is actually the cat’s name, hard to tell us apart). Some close friends call me Awo. So, now you know. Awo. Not AWO.